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the Change.

We design. For you, for your brand and for the people you want to reach.

We believe in the power of design: a great design can change our lives, our world, and our future for the better.

We combine strategic thinking with bright ideas – creating design that stands out, engages and communicates successfully. Great design not only sells your product, it connects, creates love, and makes life better. We believe that at the heart of good design lies a dedicated, skillful and creative team and a deep understanding of the clients’ and their customers’ needs. If we click, they will click, too

Rubikom is a design studio from Transylvania with 15 years of experience, more than 150 completed projects and internationally awarded works.

We want to spread the love of great design and work for a better future. Too many times, inadequate visual solutions add to the client’s problems: so we want to prove that great design is not part of the problem, it is the solution.

What do we do?

We are the best at what we do: helping companies, public institutions, NGOs and individuals to identify the best visual language for communicating with their clients, customers, and communities.

We create visual identities, we make rebranding, logo and product design. We are also involved in charity campaigns and other projects meant to help communities.

How we do it?

Part of it is asking lots of questions, talking to you, your employees, customers, doing research; another part is creative thinking, and the skills to combine all elements into a coherent and adequate design.

What we're good at

Brand strategy
Design strategy
Identity Design
Graphic Design
Print Design
Digital design, UI and UX

Packaging Design
Campaign identity
Environments and exhibitions
Motion Design
Creative Direction
Art Direction

Our Team

Porcsalmi Balázs Creative Director Rubikom
Porcsalmi Balázs Creative Director Founder Rubikokm Rubik Communications


Founder, Creative Director


Senior Graphic Designer


Senior Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer


Senior Motion Designer

People we trust & work with

Biró István

Csillag István

Demeter Ágnes
Graphic Designer

Ferenczy András
Motion Artist

Fogarasi Hanni
Copywriter and Social Media Specialist

Incze Gábor
Graphic Designer

Kádár Melinda
Animation Filmmaker

Kovács Csongor
Web Developer

Kulcsár Ferenc
DTP Operator

Márton László
Film Director

Sárosi Zoltán
Senior Web Developer

Vatány Szabolcs
Typography Expert

and published


Reddot Design Award
Târgu Mureș City Hall rebrand

Transform Awards Europe 2023
Silver Award
Târgu Mureș City Hall rebrand

Transform Awards Europe 2024
Silver Award
Niraj Valley Products strategy & visual identity

German Design Award 2024
Congress Event visual identity

Best Brand Awards
Award of Excellence
Târgu Mureș City Hall rebrand

World Brand Design Society Award 2023
Commended Award
Târgu Mureș City Hall rebrand

World Brand Design Society Award 2024
Commended Award
Niraj Valley Products identity

Best Brand Awards 2023
Jazz&Wine Festival logo redesign

Best Brand Awards 2023
Sovata logo redesign

Best Brand Awards 2022
Award of Excellence
Apaserv LTD. rebrand

Best Brand Awards 2022
Award of Excellence
Ágyúsok Hockey Team rebrand


Hungarian Graphic Design Top 100 Book
Târgu Mureș City Hall rebrand

Hungarian Graphic Design Top 100 Book
Ágyúsok Hockey Team new identity

Hungarian Graphic Design Top 100 Book
Sovata new logo design