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A responsible company

Bioeel is a family company founded in 1992 in Târgu Mureș, specialized in medicine manufacturing and medical cosmetics. After 30 years the company is still independent with more than 200 employees and more than 100 products, being one of the most important pharmaceutical distributors on a growing and competitive Romanian market.

In 2022 we were invited for an agency pitch, and in July we started working on a brand refresh, updating the brand image to a family friendly, modern, lively, cheerful visual identity in concordance with the brand’s core values.

Bioeel team: Albert Gáspár • Strategic Manager and  Ionuț Stroea • Marketing Specialist


Design Strategy
Identity Guidelines
Digital Design
Graphic Design
Print Design
Motion Design
3D Design
Website Design
Brand Support

Before and after overlay comparison. Modifications and refresh done by Rubikom in 2022:

The new key visual revolves around elements from nature and reuses the circles from the original wordmark created in 1992.

Brand refresh bioeel

Using a new typeface and imagery combined with the fresh brand assets, their Brand Platform is consistently integrated into each touchpoint. The new design choices reveal more efficiently the values and beliefs of Bioeel, a responsible company.