Háromszéki Ágyúsok

The Háromszéki Ágyúsok/Háromszék Cannons are a new professional ice hockey team from Covasna County, Romania, that burst onto the ice in 2021 with tremendous energy.  We designed a visual identity for the team that was inspired by the culture and dynamics of ice hockey, the fighting spirit of the team in Szeklerland, the local history, and the colourful home fans.

Awarded Europe & Africa Award of Excellence at the Best Brand Awards.


Visual Identity
Identity Guidelines
Digital Design
Jersey Design

The central element of the identity is the cannon, which emphasises the team’s name, but is also an important local symbol linked to the personality of the famous cannon caster Gábor Áron of the Revolution of 1848.

We developed a flexible graphic system that can be adapted to different communication platforms, team jerseys and brand products.

game photo credits: Máthé Zoltán