Opera Cluj

“O” Ooooopera

The Hungarian Opera of Cluj-Napoca, an independent institution since 1948, is the only professional Hungarian music theatre in Transylvania. Since its establishment, it has been constantly evolving, adapting to the needs of the times and the audience.

Our task was to present the vision, values and essence of the Opera through a flexible identity and logo. Since one of the main guidelines for the design of the new identity and logo was the digital representation, we focused on the forms and experience that define the Opera, inspired by the space that houses the Hungarian Opera Cluj-Napoca, as opposed to the classic cultural symbols of the institution.


Design Strategy
Visual Identity Design
Digital Design
Print design
Website design

We identified the initials of the word “opera” as the central element of the identity. The logo communicates the forms of the art and space of the Opera, and the symbol opens up a number of associative possibilities, which, like the arts, is up to the receiver to interpret and contextualize.

The strength of the logo lies in the fact that its parts remain distinctive and characteristic as complementary elements, thus facilitating exciting visual games.