“Be water, my friend”

APASERV is a water supply company in Satu Mare County, serving more than 200,000 citizens with its activities. We were asked to redesign their brand and create a visual identity that is in line with the company’s activities, as well as its innovative ambitions, and is easy to use across different platforms.

Awarded Europe & Africa Award of Excellence at the Best Brand Awards.


Design Strategy
Visual Identity
Logo design
Identity Guidelines
Digital Design
Graphic Design

We started the development of the visual strategy by conducting an analysis with the APASERV team. We based the main graphic element on the symbol of water, creating a practical visual tool that can be used both as a standalone sign and as a complementary graphic element. This is reflected in the reimagined APASERV logotype as the letter E, as well as in the complementary graphic elements of the identity.

Taking the blue colour from the previous logo as a starting point, a blue colour has been created that can be adapted to the digital interface and is also in line with the colours of the visual identity of the partner institutions of the county and local administrations.