for Good

Good causes through design

We are happy to participate in projects that are about looking out for each other and aiming to improve the well-being of our society and community. We are constantly working with non-profit and civil society organizations whose work makes the lives of many people better and more liveable – such as the Maltese Charity Service or Yuppi, which organizes experiential therapy camps for children and young people with cancer, diabetes or other autoimmune diseases. With our team we support good causes and social cooperation through design.


Graphic design
Print Design
Digital Design
Web Design
Brand Support

Fundraising is an important tool for charitable organisations and events, and we amplify the voice of these campaigns by providing support in the fields of graphic and print design and branding.

Yuppi Camp awarded for the best fundraising campaign in 2021. We are proud that we were part of it.

In 2015 thanks to the PONT Group we had the oportunity to meet a highly dedicated team at Little People Asocciation and helped them with graphic design, illustrations and print design on their projects.