Saint George
Days Rebrand

Defeat the Dragon!

Saint George Days are one of the most long-standing city days in Transylvania, and 2023 will mark the 30th edition. A rich and varied programme of events for all ages, organized around St George’s Day, attracts tens of thousands of visitors to Sfântu Gheorghe every year at the end of April.

In 2017, the City Image Office of Sfântu Gheorghe asked us to redesign the identity of the City Days. Before that, the event had 3 different images and logos. During the design process, the timelessness of the logo was therefore an important aspect for us, but also its ability to interpret the current message and mood.


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The primary symbol in the logo simplifies the iconic representation of St. George into a form that is recognizable, easy to apply and consistent whether used in colour, monochrome, small or large format. The logo’s circular shape is given by the dragon’s wings and the archaic triangle-shaped flags, which evoke a festive mood. The minimal variation in colour and chromaticity of the logo elements allows the message to be translated into colour.

The triangles also serve as a secondary complementary element: over the past years, they have not only been used as graphic elements on social media or posters, but have also been taken out into the “offline” space, for example as flags in the city or as additional decorative elements for various side events. This reinforces the unified visual concept, which has become a defining element of Saint George Days in contrast to other similar city days and events.

Photo credits: Kristó-Gothárd Hunor, Vargyasi Levente,