CSM Târgu Mureș

The Târgu Mureș Municipal Sports Club, founded in 2017, set new objectives when reorganizing in 2021. Currently, they achieve excellent results in 15 sports with more than 250 signed athletes. We have been tasked to design a new visual identity and logo that is forward-looking and comprehensively represents the club’s teams while retaining the key elements of the Municipal Sports Club’s institutional identity.


Design Strategy
Visual Identity
Logo Design
Digital Design
Motion Design
Jersey Design

Our graphic design proposal was based on the Sports Club’s defining stylistic features, retaining elements of the symbol previously used as a logo and the defining colour palette of CSM while remaining contemporary and suitable for addressing young people and promoting sports.

The logo and its key graphic elements can be used flexibly on promotional and information material for the institution and its teams, on team jerseys, and on various communication platforms.

In addition to the branding, we were specifically commissioned to design the jerseys for the men’s basketball team that was promoted to the first division. Taking into account the association’s rules for jerseys, we shot for a bold, colourful, cool jersey design that the players would love to wear and the fans would love to see. And we scored!

Photo credit: www.csmtgm.ro