Opera Days
Visual Identity

The voice of opera 

The Hungarian Opera of Cluj celebrated opera with a series of events launched in 2021. Due to the pandemic closures, people were unable to see the opera for a long time, making Opera Days a comeback event for the institution.

The idea behind the visual identity created for Opera Days was to stay true to the art of opera and its ever-changing world, so we built on the visual identity we created for the institution. We highlighted the wave shape used for the letter O of the logo and made it a central element in the event’s identity.


Visual Identity
Logo design
Digital Design
Graphic Design
Print Design

Anticipating that many events would be announced in the city following the lifting of the restrictions, we wanted to create a visual identity that would stand out from the usual event identity and be able to draw attention even amidst the visual noise. We therefore designed a fresh and vibrant colour palette to represent the voice of opera across digital platforms and printed event materials. The identity was used across online platforms, outdoor and print materials, and social media.