Pin the castles!

Castle in Transylvania is an initiative of the PONT Group, aiming to develop a network, a strategy and a long-term vision to make Transylvanian castles economically and socially valuable to the community.

The aim of the Castle in Transylvania programme is to develop a strategy and a network to provide a long-term vision for Transylvanian castles and mansions through their sustainable economic and social valorisation. The programme also focuses on presenting castles in a 21st century context.


Design Strategy
Visual Identity
Logo design
Identity Guidelines
Digital Design
Graphic Design
Print Design
Motion Design
Website Design
Event Design
Brand Support

We have designed a logo, identity, website and publications for the programme, designed an interactive map and created identity for their various projects – events, children’s activities.

In creating the identity of Castle in Transylvania, we considered it important that the visual representation of the initiative should depart from the archaic forms and colours traditionally associated with castles. In order to draw attention to the initiative, we have used the characteristically modern magenta colour in the logo and other elements of the Castle in Transylvania identity. The pin used as the central element of the logo refers to the effort to put the castles back on the mental map of the people of Transylvania.

We were also involved in the production of the interactive documentary History is our Story, designing the identity and website user interface, also taking part in the planning process of the concept and the film.

Photo credits: Castle in Transylvania