Tabak Forum
visual identity

Make the best out of the tobacco factory.

A vacant factory building can be a space for many creative ideas, useful initiatives and new projects. The former tobacco factory, a listed building in Sfântu Gheorghe, is one such building, which could be used to create the largest interactive, experience- and information-oriented and youth hub in Transylvania. The Municipality of Sfântu Gheorghe thus launched a Transylvanian-wide community consultation on its future, the Tabak Forum.


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Working with the municipality team, we created a modern visual identity designed primarily for a digital platform. We designed a brand identity and online forum for Tabak that breaks with the traditional questionnaire consultation format and engages online visitors in a collaborative reflection through an interactive guided tour of the history of the factory.

The complementary elements of the identity were created using the visual culture of the younger generations as a starting point, with the Tobacco emojis providing an opportunity for storytelling and brainstorming. These elements have become the defining symbols of the consultation process, both online and offline.

Digital functionality was the guiding principle in the development of the logo and design elements, but it was also important to ensure that the graphic elements could be easily used offline, on the building’s indoor elements, during consultation events.

We developed a visual identity that highlights the defining elements of the building complex while encouraging community expression. The visual identity and logotype were based on the building complex’s defining industrial style. One of the defining colours is fire-extinguisher red, inspired by the building’s entrance sign, aligned with a fresh digital palette.

Photo credits: Kristó-Gothárd Hunor, Vargyasi Levente
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Social media management: Fogarasi Hanni
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